Meet Sheron

For Sheron, “home” has always meant western North Carolina. A Hendersonville native, Sheron’s high cheekbones and long, thick hair reflect her grandmother’s Cherokee heritage. She feels a strong connection to the mountains. Now, “home” has a second meaning – a home of her own.

Sheron is a grandmother and great-grandmother. She’s also struggled with mental health concerns. In 2017, after a dispute with a relative left her with nowhere to live, Sheron found herself in an inpatient psychiatric unit. She was discharged to an adult care home where she lived for eight months, and her depression worsened.

That changed when she entered the Transitions to Community Living Initiative (TCLI). Today, Sheron lives in her own apartment in Hendersonville, manages her finances and keeps her beloved Jack Russell terrier, Sugar, by her side. Medicaid transportation assistance allows her to attend medication management and therapy appointments.

At the adult care home, Sheron said, she dreaded getting up in the morning. Now, she said, “I like getting up. I take taking (Sugar) out for her walks. I make a cup of coffee.”

Moving into a home of her own, she said, was life-changing.

“I thought I was in heaven actually, seriously,” she said. “It was a different atmosphere, and it just brightened my whole life.”

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