Welcome to the NC-TOPPS Online Training


Vaya Health providers are required to participate in the NC-TOPPS system as outlined by the NC-TOPPS guidelines. NC-TOPPS interviews collect vital information about the people served by the North Carolina mental health and substance use system. Vaya Health providers are expected to maintain a 90% compliance rating on submission of NC-TOPPS interviews as outlined on the NC-TOPPS Website.

To complete the training, please review all the slides below including the “how-to” videos within the training. Audio is only needed for viewing the how-to videos.


In Chrome and Edge browsers you may click on the arrows in the right corner to make this presentation full screen. 
2018 19 nc-topps provider training

After you have completed the training, please click the button below to take the test.

Questions? Email nctopps@vayahealth.com

Once you finish the test you will be done. Official NC-TOPPS certificates will be emailed to you after we process your completion.


Note: A few people have reported that, blank black slides have appeared after a video has ended. We are working on this. If you experience any difficulty with the slides, please download a PDF of the slides here as reference material.