Please refer to the following forms, tools and other resources to help you perform your functions as a network provider. For additional assistance, call 1-866-990-9712 or email


Alphabetical List of documents and forms

837i 5010 Data Clarification Manual 
837p 5010 Data Clarification Manual
837p and 837i Steps For Testing and Approval 
Accepted Taxonomies for Behavioral Health Services 
ALPHAMCS RA Steps to Export into Excel 
ASAM Worksheet for Adolescents 
ASAM Worksheet for Adults 
Authorization and Release for Background Checks 
Authorization for Release of Information 
Calocus Scoresheet 
Cans Assessment 0-4 Years Rating Sheet
Care Coordination Referral Form 
Checkwrite Schedule 
Claims Adjudication Codes and Actions 
Clinical Practice Guidelines, Leveling Tools and HEDIS Measures
Community Guide b3 Waiver Service 
Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
Credentialing Initiation Form 
Criterion 5 Form 
CSV RA Conversion Template 
Developmental Therapy b3 Waiver Service
Diagnosis to Disability Crosswalks
Diversion Law Exception Worksheet 
DMA Eliminated Taxonomy Crosswalk 
Downloading And Importing Alphamcs Detail Files
EDI Enrollment Form 
EPSDT Non Covered Services Request Form 
Geriatric Team Referral Form 
Getting Paid EFT Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit 
High Volume Claim Inquiry Form 
Individual Support Personal Care b3 Waiver Service 
Innovations Out Of State Travel Form 
Innovations Waiver Self Review Tool 
Inpatient Concurrent Review Form 
Insurance Requirements 
Iris Incident Report Form 
Locus Scoresheet
LTCS In lieu of Service Definition 
Medicaid Covered Diagnoses
NC DMA  Provider Satisfaction Survey Results
Non Medicaid Funded Act Policy 
Non Medicaid Funded Critical Time Intervention 
Non Medicaid Funded Developmental Therapy Service 
Non Medicaid Funded Facility Based Crisis Child 
Non Medicaid Funded Inpatient Behavioral Health Services 
Non Medicaid Funded IPS SE For AMH SAS 
Non Medicaid Funded MH/DD/SA Service Definitions 
Non Medicaid Funded MHSA Enhanced Service Definitions 
Non Medicaid Funded Transition Management Services 
Non Medicaid Residential Services Referral Profile 
One Time Transitional Costs B3 Waiver Service 
Peer Support B3 Waiver Service 
Permanent Supportive Housing Referral Form 
Physician Consultation B3 Waiver Service 
Program Integrity incident Reporting Backup Staffing Form 
Provider Change Request Form 
Provider Manual
Provider Self Audit Over payment Workbook 
Provider Self Audit Protocol For Paid Claims Audits 
Psychological Testing Authorization Request Form 
QM Annual Report full Report 
Qm Annual Report program Description 
Qm Annual Report program Evaluation 
Qm Annual Report QM Work plan 
Quarterly Provider Level I Incident Report 
Regional Assessment and Referral Form RARF 
Regional Referral Form 
Registering And Selecting An Appropriate Taxonomy Code 
Short Range Goal Template For NC Innovations Providers 
Standard Rate Schedule – Medicaid 1915(b) and (b)(3)
Standard Rate Schedule Medicaid C 
Standard Rate Schedule – Non-Medicaid
Supported Employment B3 Waiver Service 
Universal Residential Placement Application 
Vaya Health Tested Clearinghouses 
Vaya Health Network Adequacy and Accessibility Analysis 

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